Transforming drug discovery through the microbiome

VastBiome partners with scientists conducting clinical trials aimed at elucidating the influence of the microbiome on response to therapy.  Our unique approach identifies key differences in the microbial ecosystems that drive response.  We use these findings to power the discovery of novel therapies.  

Our Technology

Clinical Data

Powered by high quality and contextualized datasets

Powered by Machine Learning

We augment deep domain expertise with novel machine learning approaches

Novel Treatments

Our unique findings lead to opportunities for novel treatment

About Us

 VastBiome is a team of clinical and industry professionals with expertise in data science, drug discovery, microbiology, clinical medicine and business operations. The team had been trained by elite institutions and organizations including Google, Harvard, Johns Hopkins, Stanford, and Duke.  We strive to understand the microbiome and its role in curing disease.   

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